Harvest of Books, Inc.
Founded in 1997 by Dan Studer, former Lincoln Education Association President, the Harvest of
Books Inc., is a program developed to help promote a life-long love of reading for children.  The
Harvest of Books is sponsored by the Lincoln Education Association.  KFOR 1240 AM radio is a
promotional sponsor.

The goal of the Harvest of Books, Inc. is to provide every first grader in the Lincoln Public Schools and
Lincoln Parochial and Private Schools with a minimum of one new book of their own to take home, to
enjoy, and to share with their family.  Since its beginning, Harvest of Books has provided over 150,000
brand new books to the children of Lincoln.  In 2012 7,062 first and second graders took home a book
in 57 public, private, and parochial schools.  In addition, the Lincoln City Libraries donate a book bag
and Raising Cane’s donates bookmarks to every first and second grader.

During an annual, designated period of time near the first two weeks of October, community members
have the opportunity to buy a book for a first or second grade student.   Community members may go
to any participating bookstore in Lincoln, choose a children’s book, and purchase it at the discounted
price the bookstore offers (25%) as part of the Harvest program.  The bookstores then insert a
nameplate within the book’s cover upon which individuals can write their name or company on the
nameplate as the donor of the book(s).  The bookstore sets aside the Harvest books at their store and
volunteers from the Lincoln Education Association collect and distribute the books to first and second
graders throughout the public, parochial and private schools sometime during the week of

Individuals who prefer to send a donation for the purchase of Harvest books and leave the shopping
to LEA volunteers may do so by sending a check to the “Harvest of Books” in care of the Lincoln
Education Association, 4920 Normal Blvd., Lincoln, NE  68506 at any time throughout the year.

Purpose of the Contribution:
Donations to the Harvest of Books go directly toward the purchasing of books for the first and second
graders of the Lincoln Public, Private and Parochial Schools.

Budget for the Organization and this Project:
The number of first and second grade Lincoln students varies from year to year and LEA relies
completely on donations.  The Association’s goal is to always be able to provide, at a minimum, one
book for each first grader.  When donations allow, LEA strives to place a new book into the hands of
every second grader’s hands, too, as part of the annual harvest.

How can You and/or Your Organization Assist with the Harvest of Books?
The smiles, the cries of joy and surprise, and children across Lincoln diving into a new book that is all
their own because of the Harvest of Books could not be accomplished without the financial support of
generous donors, both individuals and businesses, throughout Lincoln (and even outside of the city).  
Surprisingly, for many children in Lincoln, the Harvest of Books donation is their first and sometimes
the only book they can personally call their own and can share with their family.

Many adults recall with fondness the joy of their first book and want to help re-create that joy for a
child today.  Still others want to honor the passing of a friend or loved one who loved reading by
making a donation as a memorial, knowing that their donation will not only honor the deceased, but
help spread that person’s personal love of reading to a child, possibly making a life-long difference in
a child’s life.

Please help us with this worthy enterprise by purchasing books during the Harvest this fall or by
sending a donation or memorial to the Harvest of Books at any time of the year.  By doing so, you not
only will add to the program’s success, but you will enrich the life of a child – a child who will forever
remember receiving a beautiful gift from a total stranger.  What a special memory to create for a child,
and what a special gift to give!
THANK YOU to the following
participating bookstores!

  • Barnes & Noble Booksellers
    5150 “O” Street

  • Barnes & Noble Booksellers        
    2910 Pine Lake Road – Suite A1

  • Gloria Deo
    Alamo Center  Suite – 15
    5601 S 56th

  • Indigo Bridge Books
    701 P Street Suite 102
    In the Historic Creamery Building in
    the Haymarket

  • University Bookstore
    Lower Level-Nebraska Union
    -City Campus

  • Usborne Books
    Miriam LeBlanc
Harvest of Books Raffle

Lorax Quilt and Dooney & Bourke Purse

Donated by the LEA Delegates to NEA Representative Assembly
Two Winners to be announced October 17th
Raffle Tickets
$1 Each    or    6 for $5   or   15
for $10    
To buy tickets see your LEA Faculty Representative