LEA and LPS are in the first year of a 2-year contract.  We continuously receive input about what
    members want and need to help them in their chosen profession.  Your voice and opinion will
    matter!  LEA needs you to be a member of the Association.  The more members LEA has, the
    greater our voice.

    I urge you to consider joining your Professional Association.  LEA is an investment in your daily
    life as well as your future.  As a new hire, there are bound to be times when you have questions
    and concerns and your association is always a confidential phone call away and a place where
    you can receive experienced, professional advice and answers to your questions.  LEA will be an
    advocate for you by helping you both personally and professionally.  LEA membership saves you
    money (even the cost of your dues) through the various member benefits that are offered.

    LEA needs YOU to stand with its members for public education.  Thank you.


    Jenni Absalon, President
    Lincoln Education Association
Why Join?  Because you are a professional.
LEA works to improve the quality of public education and the status of those professionals who dedicate
their lives to the education of children.
By the Book with LEA...
Facts worth knowing
  • as a new hire,
  • as a Lincoln Educator and,
  • about your Professional Association.
By the Book (PDF)
Are you a Coach?
Be Safe.  Cover All Your Bases.  Nebraska Coaches
Association Executive Director, Darin Boysen states the
following regarding dual membership in NSEA and NCA.  
"When a coach has membership in both the NCA and the
NSEA, he or she has created an educated and winning
NSEA & NCA Flyer (PDF)
Are you a Nurse?
Nurses who teach or supervise in the medical arts area
don’t want to work without the NEA Educators
Employment Liability Program Insurance.  For the very low
fee of $13, NEA has made arrangements for nurses and
other health educators and athletic trainers to purchase
additional liability insurance coverage for teaching and
supervisory responsibilities.
Nurses, Trainers Eligible for Additional
Coverage  (PDF)
Benefits of LEA for Certificated Staff
Certificated Benefits (PDF)
What has LEA Done for You Lately?
Just look at the how the LEA helps you do your job..
  • Job Security and Employment Protection
  • Working Conditions
  • Impacting State and National Affiliates
  • Political Involvement
  • Member Benefits
  • Community Outreach
LEA Flyer (PDF)
Association 101
Once you join LEA/NSEA/NEA, you’re in the largest
professional union in the United States.  Knowing what
that means can make your job and your paycheck better.
But only if you get involved.
Association 101 (PDF)
Opportunities for Personal and Professional
Growth through LEA
Committee involvement is the lifeblood of YOUR
professional organization, the LEA. Committee activities
can provide you the opportunity to learn leadership skills
as well as the satisfaction of helping YOUR professional
Check out the personal and professional
growth opportunities you have by being a
member of LEA.
Click here for more information...
NSEA New Teacher Handbook
Tips on being a professional, for classroom management
and much more.
NSEA New Teacher Handbook (PDF)
The Lincoln Education Association Political Action Fund
is the Political Voice of Lincoln's Professional
Did you know that NO dues dollars go towards LEA's
political purposes?  
The LEA Political Action Fund was
created so that we, as professional educators have a
voice, and now, more than ever, teachers need to make
that voice heard!
NSEA Member Benefit Programs
NEA Member Benefit Programs
Benefits for Substitutes
By the Book - Substitutes
Benefits of  LEA for ESP (Educational Support
Professionals) Staff
ESP Benefits (PDF)
LEA/NSEA/NEA Membership Available Now!
Join Now!  Enjoy the many benefits of membership!
    Active Teachers, Substitutes and ESPs...
    To join LEA/NSEA/NEA, print the membership application documents located on the left side of
    this page and return to the LEA Office, 4920 Normal Blvd, Lincoln NE 68506 (or through school
    mail, LEA Office, no box number).  
2013-2014 Membership Agreement-Certificated
2013-2014 Membership Agreement- ESP
2013-2014 Retired Application
(Includes EHA Special Services Flyer)
(Includes EHA Special Services Flyer)