What the LEAF awards each year. . .

One LEAF STAR scholarship of $1,000 is available to a senior in LPS of an LEA member for use at an
accredited Nebraska educational institution.       

One LEAF SOAR scholarship of $1,000 is available to a senior in LPS for use at an accredited
Nebraska educational institution.         

Four Certificated Professional Grants of $250 each are available to LEA certificated members for
use in their assignment for special projects and other creative endeavors.    

Unknown number of Catastrophic Assistance Grants of $250 (Available to LEA members for a
catastrophic situation in their personal lives-- medical care, damage of home and personal property,
economic hardship, etc.).  
  (Estimate)           $1,500

One Christa McAuliff Scholarship of $500 is available to LEA certificated or classified members for
study, research, academic improvement, projects or graduate study.   
 $ 500

At least one, possibly more, Barbara Buckingham Patronsky Scholarship of $500 each is available
to LEA teacher members  to broaden his/her horizons, especially if the activity involves travel.  
(Funded by Mr. Patronsky.)

Committed Future Teacher Scholarships will be paid until August 2013.    $2,000
Total:   $7,000

The LEA Foundation Fundraiser has netted nearly $5,000 over the past few years.  This amount and
payroll deductions have helped cover the scholarships and grants.  
Won’t you consider contributing
to the Fundraiser and/or to the Foundation through Payroll deduction?
 A Payroll deduct form is
available by
clicking here.  Return the form to the LEA Office, via inter-school mail or to 4920 Normal
Blvd., 68506.  
Thank You for your support!!

The LEAF Board of Directors:
 Jenni Absalon, Karen Dress, Marge Keep, Deb Rasmussen, Skyler
Dan Studer

Additional scholarship information and applications may be accessed by clicking here.

Q:        Why contribute to the Foundation?

A:        LEA FOUNDATION Scholarships and Grants!